Hey there, I’m Cait

I help creators escape the 9-to-5 by building full-time creator businesses around their passion through storytelling, mindset shifts, and practical writing skills.

I'm a

Serial entrepreneur, business & writing educator, and author

And a bit of an INFJ goof 🥂

I write about 3 topics to help you build a full-time creator business around your passion


The Art Of Writing

Master the art of writing and turn your words into income. I offer practical tips and tactics to help you write effectively, develop your unique voice, build an audience, and turn strangers into superfans.



Develop your entrepreneurial skill set. I share insights into future-proof skills you need to build a business that lasts.


Personal Development

Discover what you’re made of. I share powerful techniques and strategies for personal growth and self-improvement for creators and entrepreneurs.

I wasn’t always a self made multimillionaire able to live and work from anywhere in the world

The day I moved from a small island town to the City of Vancouver at the age of twenty two, I had nothing more than passion.

Little did I know

I would go on to

  • Teach hundreds of entrepreneurs at Shopify to launch and scale their dreams.
  • Start over ten businesses (from fashion to health to productivity). Some failing, making six figures, some generating millions in revenue.
  • Hire and lead over one hundred people remotely from around the world.
  • Co-found an ecommerce software platform, Popup, that raised millions from top tier investors (and exit).

But my journey didn't start with venture capital and exits

It began as a six-year-old girl selling friendship bracelets and lemonade. Driven by curiosity and the hustle to create.

I’ll never forget

Where I started

Once I graduated from Fashion Design school in Vancouver, I took two retail jobs as I searched for my next move.

Often working twelve hour days (and busing two hours), I became exhausted and depressed.

That's when

My life changed

My husband Corey and I began reading tons of books. Upon finishing The Four Hour Work Week, I realized I didn’t have to live the same cookie cutter life as my parents or the people surrounding me.

I decided I want the freedom to live and work from anywhere

And thus, the researching began. Convincing Corey to join me, I launched my first Amazon business. Ask me about this story over coffee ☕️

I loved

Working at Shopify

Soon after, I joined Shopify where I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses.

(Yes, seriously 900+)

I was selected as 1 of 4 people to educate at Shop Class across Canada.

All the

Side hustles

I started several e-commerce businesses (makeup, sunglasses, watches and more). My favourite store sold Unicorn products 🦄

You can't make this up.

Years later

I quit Shopify

These first entrepreneurial tests and failures were foundational for my later successes.

I had no idea I would end up quitting my comfy job at Shopify years later to travel the world while running a content creation agency for luxury resorts.

The site is still live. Check it out. www.leavecomfort.com

Months later

We returned home

And joined forces with my business partners to build online brands together in spaces like apparel, health & supplements, and productivity.

I’m so proud of our team for working together to generate over sixteen million dollars in under two years across seven brands.

We launched Popup

An ecommerce software company

After noticing a gap in the market my co-founders and I launched Popup.

A software-as-a-service platform we raised 3.5 million dollars for from top tier investors like Accel and Seedcamp.

After building the team to 35 people, we exited Popup.

I’m so proud and grateful for our talented team and everything we built together.


Canada to Dubai

Working with an international team heavily focused in Europe and Asia, Corey and I were working nights in our Vancouver apartment for over a year.

We sold everything once again and moved to Dubai. This ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made.

This was only possible because years earlier I decided I want the freedom to live and work from anywhere.

Fast forward to recent days

I started Hello Future to help people like you ditch your 9-5 and build a full-time creator business with writing.

I’m sharing with you

The same skills, strategies, and techniques I used to...

  • Leave the 9-to-5 and build a multi-million dollar empire to live and work from anywhere.
  • Master high-impact writing to craft persuasive stories that resonate with an audience (and inspire action).
  • Leverage AI to amplify reach, automate tasks, and unlock new creative possibilities.
  • Embrace the Creatorpreneur mindset. Combine passion, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to create a life of creativity, opportunity, and flexibility.

Ready to become irreplaceable?

Whether you're a writer, artist, entrepreneur (or someone with a story to tell) I'll teach you how to turn your unique voice and talents into a future-proof creator business.

Master your words.

Master your story.

Master your future.