How to Become Irreplaceable in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Humans are being phased out of jobs.

Soon enough, Creators will be the only ones left standing.

Not just any creator. 

The Age of AI demands a new kind of creator. One who can master high-impact writing and leverage AI to turn their unique perspectives, voice, and values into a future-proof business model that thrives in the new creator economy.

A new era of the creator economy

In an era where AI is poised to take over, mastering writing is more crucial than ever for entrepreneurs like us. 

Writing is the foundation of modern-day entrepreneurship. It provides clarity, creativity, and improves our communication.

Addressing the AI Concern

I know what you're thinking: "Won’t AI replace humans in writing?" 

But that’s the same as asking, “How can I express myself if AI does it for me?”

The answer is: it can’t. AI can’t do YOU. 

The problem with AI’s written content is that it lacks human perspective. Yes, it knows all the answers. But it’s not human like you and me.

We human’s can tell if something (especially long form) feels authentic to the person authoring the content or if it feels AI generated. 

When something is AI generated, us humans can feel that something is missing in its writing. Something essential. Something experiential and down to earth. 

If you ask AI to write a script for a short form video in a down to earth tone it will spit out what it believes to be down to earth. But that’s not your voice (not to mention it can come off robotic and cheesy.)

The benefits of using AI are huge (never seen before, huge)

AI can boost our productivity by up to 80%. 

But we can’t just let AI create for us, we have to guide it, train it, and infuse our essence into every piece of content and writing it helps us create. 

We are the creators. We are the writers. We are the human. 

If we wish to build our careers, businesses and personal brands, we must be us. Passing off our identity to AI is a road to nowhere. 

Writing as a foundational skill

Writing offers mental clarity, self-expression, creativity, communication, articulation, and teaching. 

By understanding the principles and fundamentals, you can tweak and optimize the content AI helps create. Don't let AI keep you in the dark or steal your knowledge. Use AI to grow, learn, and create, not to replace your essence.

Learn the principles, fundamentals and inner workings so you know how to tweak and change. 

How are you supposed to create content with the help of AI if you don’t know what it’s doing?

Don’t let AI keep you in the dark, don’t let AI steal your knowledge. 

AI is meant to help us grow, learn and create, not take everything from us. We will turn into useless lumps if we simply wish to press a button for AI to take the wheel. 

What’s the fun in that? Don’t we want to experience life? Don’t we want to learn? 

Don’t we want to create, and express, and feel? 

No matter how advanced AI becomes (and it will become ultimately advanced) we still want to experience life, communicate our thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

AI won’t LIVE for us. 

AI won’t steal the experience of life from us, no matter how advanced it becomes. It’s our job to use AI, not for AI to use us. AI is a tool, nothing more. 

Even if AI becomes sentient; another being cannot live for us, therefore another being cannot write and create content for us, lest our essence be completely removed from it.

This is why learning the fundamentals and principles of writing is the only way to learn how to communicate your feelings, thoughts and ideas. 

Learn to write. Your self-expression will always be yours to express.

Master Every Form of Writing

To become an immortal creator, master various forms of writing based on your goals:

  • Narrative writing to craft engaging stories that captivate your audience.
  • Persuasive writing to convince and convert readers with compelling arguments.
  • Expository writing to explain and inform with clarity and precision.
  • Descriptive writing to paint vivid pictures with words to enhance your storytelling.

Narrative writing

Narrative writing is a style that allows the writer to tell a story. 

If you know what storytelling is, a story has a beginning, middle and end. Narrative is how you tell that story; narrative is how you position that story. 

For example, are you telling the story by giving the ending away at the beginning and taking the reader through the story to show how the ending happened? That’s the narrative style for many murder mysteries and thrillers.

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is how you form an argument to explain to readers why your perspective, opinion or worldview is worth adopting.

Expository writing

Expository writing is stating just the facts about a subject, without any opinion.

Descriptive writing

The goal of Descriptive writing is to create an image in people’s minds. Describing people, places, things, and events. It’s the only form of writing that should be used in all other forms: Expository, Persuasive, and Narrative.

Create Your YouVerse

Document your values, beliefs, opinions, concepts, ideas, and solutions in a centralized hub. This becomes a resource to train your AIs, ensuring your content remains authentically you.

I’m creating a Notion template that will be available in my free 7 Day Writing Class where you can record your perspectives and keep them all in one place. This will allow you to leverage AI while maintaining your authentic voice.

A Vision for the Future

As AI technology advances, the essence of human experience and self-expression remains irreplaceable. Embrace AI as a tool to amplify your reach and creativity, but always keep your unique voice at the core.

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By mastering high-impact writing and leveraging AI, you can turn your unique perspectives, voice, and values into a future-proof business model.

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